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Building a publishing company for authors by an author.

When M.D. LaBelle was told that indie authors could never get into a specific main retail bookstore because they are not traditionally published, she made up her mind to change this by opening her own traditional publishing company. Previously, she had been asked to sign with a couple of traditionally publishing companies, but she decided quickly against it when she found out what all it entailed.

Casper Publishing is different from all of the rest. We offer cover design, full publishing, including eBooks and paperback copies in all the major online bookstores. We will also give you links to contact editors for your books if you so desire before signing with us to publish your story.

For the moment, we are not accepting new submissions. However, that may change in the near future. So, please keep an eye out and stop back by in 2024 to see if we start accepting new submissions then.

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